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Pharmacy, the health procession concerned with Knowledge about drugs and their effects, draws from the chemical , physical, biological and behavioral sciences. It offers diverse opportunities in India and around the world. Pharmacists may practice in community or hospital pharmacy; a nursing home or extended care facility; pharmaceutical industry; biotechnology industry and other private or public companies; government agencies, a college or many other avenues. Not only are pharmacy graduates among America’s best paid and most respected professionals, but health care trends make pharmacy a nearly recession proof career choice. Thus pharmacy is ultimately linked with Health care and so has a direct bearing on human welfare.

In view of rapid expansion of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries in and around the city of Hyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh, the need for starting M. Pharm course in Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. Hyderabad (JNTU H) was felt and as a result the first batch of students were admitted in 2007 with arrangements for their instruction in Institute of Science and Technology (IST) in the university campus. Thus JNTU H became the first university in Hyderabad City to impart pharmacy education and to cater to the needs of Pharmaceutical industry.

To develop a centre of Academic excellence in the field of Pharmaceutical sciences capable of training pharmaceutical professionals to cater the needs of the society, academic and industry.

To develop the Centre as one of the best centre of Excellence in the field of pharmaceutical Sciences offering post graduate and also part time Doctoral programmes in the near future.
To establish a good report with personnel in the leading research institutions and industry with a goal of initiating inter-institutional research activities.
As the centre is acquiring sophisticated equipment like HPLC, GC, HPTLC, FTIR etc, it can train pharmaceutical industry employees in instrumentation and analysis.
To develop a research centre to solve the problems of small and medium scale process industries in and around Hyderabad.
To inculcate the habit of acquiring additional skills beyond the curriculum by arranging seminars and workshops etc.
To establish the centre with qualified faculty, will equipped laboratories, and an environment congenial to learning, primarily to offer quality education at Post-graduate and research levels.
At present only Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Assurance course is being offered in the centre. The first batch of M.Pharm students are pursuing Research project work at different research institutions and drug industries.
In continuation, the courses Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutics will be started shortly.

Head of the Department :
Dr. G. Krishna Mohan
Head & Professor

Highest Qualification: Ph.D
Present Status: Head & Professor
Teaching Experience : 22
Research Experience : 15 Years
Administrative Experience: 3
1)Worked as Principal, University College of Pharmceutical. Sciences (KU) for 2 Years.
2) QIP & EFIP, Co-ordinator (AICTE) for 2 Years
No.of Projects : Completed 2 Projects (AICTE)
No. of Publications : International -25 & National -5
Conferences/ Seminars : International 5 & National - 15
Ph.Ds Guided: Awarded 2 & Working -10
Area of Specialization: Ethno Pharmacology
Email : drgkmohan@gmail.com
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Kukatpally, Hyderabad - 500 085, Telangana, India
Grams : 'Technology' Phones : +91-040-2315 8661 to 2315 8664.
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