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University Alumni Affairs (DALA)

JNTUH has a registered Directorate of University Alumni Affairsto address the long felt need for a platform and cherished aspirations of its Alumni.  The directorate of University alumni affairs have been established to take up alumni connect drives, explore and connect the present stakeholders with the illustrious alumni for  opportunities leading to mutual growth and raise funding for various development activities including human resources and infrastructure.

The Directorate of University alumni affairs acts as a link between the “Alma Mater” and the “Alumni”. It is moving ahead, with selfless intentions for the growth and development of the institute and the students. The Directorate of University alumni affairs provides a platform for interaction between alumni, present students, faculty of the institute and institute administration. It has contributed significantly through financial and non-financial means to improve the facilities and infrastructure of the University with the help of the active participation of the alumni.

Alumni can mean a great deal to a University, forming an ever-growing delegation of ambassadors on behalf of Alma matter.  They serve as a tool to unite students and alumni by promoting the values and standards that will be advantageous and empower both current and former students and create a social, informed and motivating environment for all its stakeholders.  A strong Alumni network can play a vital role in the student experience from recruitment to graduation and serving as a point of access to a diverse set of opportunities including mentoring, expertise, Internships, employment and global reach.

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