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The Library was started for erstwhile IPGSR (Institute of Post Graduate Studies & Research) on a spacious floor in the Academic block on the Main Campus of the JNT University at Masab Tank, Hyderabad. It was upgraded as the University Library in the year 1990. In 2004, the University Library was shifted to a new building of 45,000 Sq.ft area extended in 3 floors at Kukatpally Campus. The Library is centrally located in the campus keeping in view the accessibility to all the Units. The University Library caters to the needs of all JNTUH University Units and the Constituent Colleges.The University Library is a central facility supporting the teaching and research activities of the University. 

The University Library facilitates Lending books, Reference Section, Document Delivery Service, Current Awareness Service, Selective Dissemination of Information(SDI), Database searching, CD writing, Reprographic facility, Conference Room facility, Online Information Services through Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) and Internet, access to e-journals, e-books, e-lectures and other multimedia content.

The University Central Library is fully automated using Integrated Library Management Software VTLS-VIRTUA in the year 2006. The library has also created a learning environment by establishing OPAC Searching Area, Internet browsing area, Laptop zone with Wi-Fi facility throughout the library and specialised workstations for students and research scholars and has facilitates access to electronic resources, search services / tools. The fully automated Library is equipped with two new IBM x3650 M4 Servers, NAS Box, and 70 Dell Desktops. The Library has a 20 MBPS dedicated leased line connectivity under NKN/NME-ICT Programme. All the systems are connected to the campus-wide LAN, thus enabling the users to access the online resources from their respective desktops. The University Library has access to OURIGINAL Anti-Plagiarism Detection tool (earlier URKUND) provided by Information and Library Network (INFLIBNET) Centre (https://secure.urkund.com/login/sign-in).

The Library has a collection of 92,000 books and subscribes to 205 print journals of National and International origin in the fields of Sciences and Technology. The Library has a perpetual access to 4533 e-books from Springer on Biomedical & Life Sciences, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Elsevier’s Engineering, Science & Technology, IEEE MIT Press and renowned publishers McGraw Hill Education, Taylor & Francis, Pearson Education, CBS etc.  The Library is a member of various National level Consortia namely DELNET (Developing Library Network) and INFLIBNET’s e-ShodhSindhu Consortium. Through Consortia and subscriptions, the University Library provides IP Authenticated online access and Remote Access facility to 29,230+ e-journals and databases from IEEE’s IEL Online, ASCE, J-GATE, EBSCO Business Source Elite, Nature Pub. Group, SpringerLink, DELNET, Indian Citation Index etc. To provide access to the online resources during the pandemic period onwards, Remote Login support through RemoteXs cloud platform has been provided to all the Researchers, students and staff across all the JNTUH University College of Engineering campuses (https://jntuhlibrary.remotexs.in/).

The University Library holds 3940 copies of Ph.D. and M.Phil. theses submitted at  JNTUH.  With financial support through UGC and INFLIBNET Centre under Shodhganga, the National ETD Repository project, JNTUH University Library has established the ETD Lab in the year 2018 at the cost of Rs. 19.57 Lakhs (Rs. 15.36 Lakhs UGC-Inflibnet + Rs. 4.21 Lakhs JNTUH) and digitized 620 + Theses and Dissertations and uploaded into the Shodhganga repository. The lab is equipped with Dell Server & Desktop Computers, HP High end Scanner & Printer, etc.  The users can access these full-texts of theses and dissertations in the Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) Lab and through the Shodhganga project website. Users can access nearly 1200 Theses of JNTUH online on Shodhganga Theses Repository (https://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/2163).

The University Library has established a Competitive Examinations Reference Library (CERL) on the 2nd floor of the library catering to user services exclusively to students preparing for Competitive Examinations like UPSC/Civil Services/ Group-I/ IES/ GATE/TOEFL/GRE/UGC-NET etc. with a separate books collection & magazines/periodicals.  A separate Personal Books Reading Room facility is provided in the Ground Floor for the students to read their personal books and materials.

Keeping in view, the safety and security of the resources and readers, the Library has installed Surveillance system on all the three floors with 40 Nos. of IP cameras with 2 Nos. of LED TV's, Recorders having 4TB storage capacity for effective surveillance on all the important locations of the Library. The 3M EM (Electro-magnetic) Library Security System has been installed with Detection panel and Book check system for security of books from theft ensuring that no material leaves the Library without being properly issued /checked out. To prevent from fire hazards, fire extinguishers have been installed in the library in every floor. 

Library Timings: University Library is open throughout the year except on General Public Holidays.
Working Days Holidays
(Monday to Saturday)
09:00 AM to 11:00 PM
(Second Saturday & Sundays)
09:30 AM to 04:30 PM
Circulation Timings (Book Issue & Return):
Regular UG/PG/RS (Monday to Saturday)                          10:00 AM to 04:00PM
Part time (PTPG) (Monday to Saturday)                          05:00 PM to 09:00 PM
UG/PG/RS/PTPG (Second Saturday & Sundays)                                 10:00AM to 04:00 PM
S.No. Resource Description Total Volumes
1 Print Books Total Library Collection 92,000+
    No. of Volumes procured 81,634
    No. of CERL Books 3,500
    SC Integrated Book Bank 2,062
    ST Integrated Book Bank 1,436
    Donated Books 6,940
2 Print Journals Total Print Journals subscribed 205
    Indian 161
    Foriegn 44
    Back Volumes of Journals 3330
3 Thesis & Dissertations Ph.D 3,940
    M.Phil 140
4 e-Resources e-Journals  29,230+
    e-Databases 5
    e-Books  (perpetual access) 4,533
Access  to e-resources is available online in the campus premises (Campus IPs only) & Remote / Off-campus access to e-resources is available via REMOTEXS platform
Sl.No. E-resources

URL/ Website

1 American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) http://ascelibrary.org/journals/all_journal_titles 36 e-Journals + Backfile access from 1983
2 IEEE Xplore Digital Library  http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/Xplore/home.jsp 174 IEEE journals, magazines, & transactions+26 IET journals & magazines +20+ IET conference titles +1400 Proceedings
3 McGraw Hill -General Engg. & Refe. http://www.accessengineeringlibrary.com 630-Access Engineering Library
4 EBSCO- Management: Business Source Elite http://search.ebscohost.com/ 5114+ e-Journals & magazines
5 J-Gate Engineering & Technology (JET) http://www.jgateplus.com 6206 Indexed+ 2939free full text + Backfile till 2001
6 J-Gate Social & Management Science (JSMS) http://www.jgateplus.com 8810  indexed + 3313 free full text + Backfile till 2001
7 Springer Link and Nature Journal https://link.springer.com/ 1700+ Journals collection. Archival from 1997 onwards. (Funded by INFLIBNET's e-Shodhsindhu Consortium)
8 Indian Citation Index http://www.indiancitationindex.com Citation database covering 1000+ Indian knowledge contents of journals published in India
9 DELNET - Developing Library Network Database of 35,00,000+ books for loan, 1,00,000+ list of journals, 5000+ full-text journals, 1,00,000+ Thesis/Dissertations from member libraries
10 JCCC  http://jgateplus.com/search Database providing facility to e-mail request for articles to ILL Centers or to INFLIBNET Centre (Funded by INFLIBNET's e-Shodhsindhu Consortium)
11 Institute for Studies in Industrial Development (ISID) Database http://isid.org.in/ Database providing Indexes of 125 Indian Social Science Journals (Funded by INFLIBNET's e-Shodhsindhu Consortium)



ELSEVIER- Science Direct (Engg. & Science) https://www.sciencedirect.com/browse/journals-and-books/  
2 CBS Publishers https://eduport-global.com/  


Mc-Graw Hill Education https://mcgrawhillindia.vitalsource.com/#/explore  
4 Pearson Education




Taylor and Francis / CRC  https://www.taylorfrancis.com/  
6 IEEE MIT Press E-Books Library-2014



SPRINGER LINK – Biomedical & Life Sciences


SPRINGER LINK – Earth & Environmental Sciences



Springer e-Book collection (IST) Access at Library LAN only  


Bio-Technology Colletion (University Library) Access at Library LAN only  
1 NPTEL Content - Local Guru Content management System & Video Streaming (800+ Courses from 17 Departments


Access at JNTUH Campus Network only



SHODHGANGA THESES REPOSITORY - India's Theses Repository holds 4,32,000+ theses from 600+ Universities. It provides a platform for research students to deposit their Ph.D. theses and make it available to the entire scholarly community in open access. 



2 NATIONAL DIGITAL LIBRARY OF INDIA (NDLI) - It provides support for all academic levels including researchers and life-long learners, all disciplines, all popular forms of access devices and differently-abled learners. It is designed to enable people to learn and prepare from best practices from all over the world and to facilitate researchers to perform inter-linked exploration from multiple sources.



3 DIRECTORY OF OPEN ACCESS JOURNALS (DOAJ)-  It is a unique and extensive index of diverse open access journals from around the world driven by a growing community, committed to ensuring quality content is freely available online for everyone.



4 DIRECTORY OF OPEN ACCESS BOOKS (DOAB) - It is a searchable database of 64,500 peer reviewed scientific books that have been made accessible by academic publishers in open access. DOAB contains the metadata of free to share e-books and provides direct links to the full-text of the publications on the websites of the publishers.



5 UGC-CARE CARE LIST OF JOURNALS The UGC-CARE Reference List of Quality Journals includes journals from all disciplines indexed in globally accepted databases, such as indexed in Scopus (Source list) or Web of Science (Arts and Humanities Citation Index Source Publication, Science Citation Index Expanded Source Publication, Social Science Citation Index Source Publication). These journals are to be considered for all academic purposes.   https://ugccare.unipune.ac.in/
1 World e-Book Library http://community.worldlibrary.in/?AffliatedKey=NDL-QW1076
2 South Asia Archive http://www.southasiaarchive.com/
1 Web OPAC: Books Database of the University Library                   Access at Library LAN only 

1 JNTUH Library RemoteXS Cloud Platform https://jntuhlibrary.remotexs.in
Access to e-Resources is available on Campus wide Registered IP Ranges only.  For remote / off-campus access to e-Resources users can request for login credentials.  Email us at jntulibrary@gmail.com / lalitha@jntuh.ac.in

(Please read the Fair Use Terms & Conditions for E-Resources before downloading full text articles)

Civil Engineering (20)  
1 IASH Journal-International Association for Small Hydro 11 Journal of Indian Water works Association
2 Indian Geotechnical Journal 12 Journal of Structural Engineering
3 Indian Highways 13 Journal of Indian Society of Remote Sensing
4 Indian Concrete Journal 14 Journal of Indian Society of Soil Science
5 Indian Journal of Geosynthesis and Ground Improvement 15 Highway Research Journal
6 Indian Journal of Transport Management 16 Mapan Journal of Metrology Society of India
7 International Journal of Repair Restoration and Renewal of Built Environment 17 NDC-WWC Journal
8 i-Managers Journal on Civil Engineering 18 Pollution Research
9 Journal of Construction Management 19 Water and Energy International
10 Journal of Geological Society of India 20 Water Today - The Magazine
Mechanical Engineering (14)  
1 Asian Review of Mechanical Engineering 8 International Journal of Statistics and Reliability Engineering
2 Advances and Applications in Fluid Mechanics 9 International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
3 i-Managers Journal on Mechanical Engineering 10 JP Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
4 International Journal of Industrial and Production Engineering and Technology 11 Journal of Instrument Society of India
5 International Journal of Mechanical and and Material Sciences Research 12 TERI -Journal of Resource Energy and Development
6 International Journal of Mechanics and Solids 13 Manufacturing Technology Today
7 International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering 14 Automotive Abstracts
Metallurgical Engineering (06)  
1 Indian Foundry Journal 4 Journal of Mines Metals and Fuels
2 Indian Journal of Engineering and Material Science 5 Minetech
3 i-Manager's Journal of Material Science 6 Welding Journal
Electrical Engineering (10)  
1 AARO Journal (International Association on Electricity Generation Transmission and Distribution) 6 IUP University Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
2 Asian Journal of Electrical Sciences 7 International Journal of Power Electronics - Inderscience
3 CIGRE Indian Journal 8 International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education
4 IEEMA Journal 9 International Journal of Electrical Engineering and Embedded Systems
5 i-Managers Journal on Electrical Engineering 10 Power Engineering Journal
Electronics and Communications Engineering (18)  
1 Advances in Wireless and Mobile Communications 10 International Journal of Wireless Networks and Communications
2 Electronic Devices 11 IUP Journal of Telecommunication
3 Electronics For Yo 12 i-Manager's Journal of Communication Engineering and Systems
4 Far East Journal of Electronics and Communications 13 i-Manager's Journal on Electronics Engineering
5 International Journal of Computer and Electronics Engineering 14 Journal of Innovation in Electronics and Communication
6 International Journal of Computer Networks and Wireless Communication 15 ICTACT Journal on Communication Technology
7 International Journal of Electronics Engineering 16 ICTACT Journal on Image and Video Processing
8 International Journal of Electronics Engineering Research 17 ICTACT Journal on Microelectronics
9 International Journal of Electronics Networks Devices and Field 18 Signals and Telecommunications
Computer Science (20)  
1 Asian Journal of Computer Science and Technology 11 International Journal of Computer Science Theory Technology and Application
2 Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology 12 International Journal of Next Generation Computing
3 ISSS Journal of Micro and Smart Systems 13 International Journal of Information Sciences and Application
4 Digit 14 IUP Journal of Computer Science
5 i-Managers Journal on Cloud Computing 15 Journal of Digital Information Management
6 i-Managers Journal on Information Technology 16 Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research and Advances
7 International Journal of Distributed and Cloud Computing 17 Parallel Processing Letters
8 International Journal of Computer and Internet Security 18 Journal of Innovation in Computer Science and Engineering
9 International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering 19 ICTACT Journal of Soft computing
10 International Journal of Information and Communication Technology 20 Open Source You (formerly Linux for You)
Physics (03)  
1 Indian Journal of Physics 3 Journal of Optics
2 Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics    
Chemistry (07)  
1 Indian journal of Chemical Technology 5 Journal of the Indian Institute of Science
2 Indian Journal of Chemistry 6 Journal of Applied Geochemistry
3 Indian Journal of Chemistry –B 7 International Journal of Chemical Engineering
4 Indian journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry    
Nano Technology (03)  
1 Indian journal of Nanotechnology and Applications 3 Nanodigest
2 International Journal of Nanotechnology and Applications    
Pharmacy (11)  
1 Advances in Pharmacology and Toxicology 7 International Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences
2 Indian journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research 8 International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nanotechnology
3 Indian journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 9 Pharma Times
4 Indian Journal of Pharmacy Practice 10 Research and Reviews : A journal of Pharmaceutical Science
5 International Journal of Advances Drug Delivery 11 Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology
6 International Journal of Pharmaceutical Formulations and Analysis    
Mathematics (05)  
1 Indian journal of Mathematics 4 Journal of Ramanujam Mathematical Society
2 Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics 5 The Mathematics Student
3 International Journal of Advances in Engineering and Applied Mathematics    
Life Sciences (12  
1 Asian Journal of Microbiology Biotechnolgy and Environmental Sciences 7 Indian Journal of Experimental Biology
2 Bioinfonet - A quarterly journal of Life Sciences 8 Indian journal of Medical Research
3 Biotech Today 9 Indian journal of Microbiology
4 Down to Earth 10 International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences
5 Ecology Environment and Conservation 11 Medicinal Plants - International Journal of Phytomedicines and Related Industries
6 Indian Journal of Biotechnology 12 TERI: Terragreen
Management Science (23)  
1 Asian Journal of Management Cases 13 Indian Journal of Marketing
2 Asia Pacific Journal of Managament Research and Innovation 14 Journal of Intellectual Property Rights
3 Business Today 15 Prabandhan - Indian Journal of Management
4 Business World 16 Journal of Rural Development
5 Metamorphosis 17 Journal of Governance and Public Policy
6 Decision 18 JIMS - The Journal of Indian Managament and Strategy
7 Forbes India 19 Management and Labour Studies
8 Finance India 20 South Asian Journal of Management
9 Harvard Business Review 21 The Management Accountant
10 IIMB Management Review 22 The Journal of Institute of Public Enterprise
11 Indian journal of Corporate Governance 23 Vision
12 Indian Journal of Finance    
Literature (03)  
1 IUP Journal of English Studies 3 Indian Journal of Gender Studies
2 Indian Literature    
Library and Information Science (07)  
1 DESIDOC: Journal Of Library and Information Technology 5 SRELS: Journal of Information Management
2 Indian journal of Information Sources and services 6 TERI: World Digital Libraries :An International Journal
3 Library Progress 7 The Library Herald
4 PEARL-A Journal of Library and Information Science    
General Magazines (14)  
1 Career 360 8 Yojana
2 Competition Success Review 9 Frontline
3 Everymans Science 10 Indian Journal of Physical Education Sports Medicine and Exercise Science
4 Kurukshetra 11 India Today
5 National Geographic 12 International Journal of Yoga
6 Readers Digest 13 Outlook
7 Science Reporter 14 Time Asia
Multidisciplinary Journals (29)  
1 CSIR News 16 Journal of the Institute of Engineering(India) Series-C ME.PE,AE,ME
2 Current Science 17 Journal of the Institute of Engineering(India) Series-D MME.ME
3 Clay Research 18 Journal of the Institute of Engineering(India) Series-E Chemical Engineering and Textile Engineering
4 Defence Science Journal 19 IUP Journal of Soft Skills
5 Higher Education for the Future 20 National Academy Science Letters
6 IETE Journal of Research 21 Science Technology and Society
7 IETE Technical Review 22 Resonance : Journal of Science Education
8 Indian Science Cruiser 23 The Indian Journal ofTechnical Education
9 Indian Journal of Power and River Valley Development 24 University News
10 International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology 25 Research Journal of Engineering and Technology
11 International Journal of System Assurance Engineering and Management 26 Research Journal of Science and Technology
12 Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research 27 IETE Journal of Education
13 i-Manager's Journal of Future Engineering and Technology 28 Journal of Scientific Temper
14 Journal of the Institute of Engineering(India) Series-A CE,AE,EE,AE 29 International Journal of Applied Engineering Research
15 Journal of the Institute of Engineering(India) Series-B EE,ETE,CS    
Newspapers (07)  
1 The Hindu (English) 5 Sakshi (Telugu)
2 Times of India (English) 6 Andhra Jyothi (Telugu)
3 Economics Times (English) 7 Namaste Telangana (Telugu)
4 Eenadu (Telugu)    

Building: 45,000 sft plinth areas extended in 3 floors.

Ground floor: Circulation and Lending section, General issue books Stack Area, Reading room, Personal books & Newspaper reading room, Reprography facility, OPAC, Property counter, ramp for differently- abled users, Lift, Conference Hall with a seating capacity of 50, staff rooms, user terminals, Staff terminals, and  UPS room.

First floor: University Librarian chamber, Administrative section, Journal/Serial section, Reference section, Back volumes of Journals, Thesis, ETD Lab, Xerox room, Audio Visual room, OPAC, Staff rooms, user terminals, Staff terminals, and UPS room.

Second floor: Digital Library with 48 terminals (one cabin exclusive for research scholars with 16 terminals), Server room with 5 terminals, Competitive Examinations Reference Library (CERL) with 8 terminals, Staff terminals, SC & ST Book Bank, Acquisition/ Technical Section and UPS room

Digital Library – Infrastructure
Hardware Total
a) IBM x3650 M4 2 No.s
b) External Storage ( 4 TB) 1 No.
c) Dell Desktops 70 No.s
d) Dell Server 1 No.
e) Digital Camera 1 No.
i) Operating System: LINUX, Open Source CentOS , Windows 10, Windows XP
ii) Database : oracle9i
iii) Digital Library software:  VTLS - VIRTUA Software (Virtual Library System), Integrated Library Management Software Solution (ILMSS) with unlimited user access for - 10 users Oracle 9i license.
LAN is developed throughout University Library (Three floors) with CAT 6 Cable, with 4 CISCO Switches, with 24 ports each of 96 nodes and 1 Router.
20 MBPS bandwidth dedicated under the 1 GB connection for the Univeristy under NKN/NME-ICT Programme of UGC-INFONET.
A Firewall (CISCO Make) and L3-GIGA Switch (CISCO Make) are installed to protect Computer Servers to prevent the users in viewing unwanted sites, monitor and regulate all incoming and outgoing internet traffic
Other :
Digital Library facility is available on the 2nd floor of the University Library.
The circulation counter is equipped with 2 Nos. of Motorola LS 2208 hand held scanners for issue and return of the books.
Surveillance system on all the three floors with 45 Nos. of IP cameras, 2 Night vision dome cameras with 2 Nos. of LED TV’s, DV Recorders with 4 TB storage capacity. 3M EM (Electro-magnetic) Library Security System, ensuring that no material leaves the Library without being properly issued /checked out.
Photo Colour ID-Card printer was installed in the University Library to issue Photo Identity Library cards (PVC) for students, staff, and researchers. Setting-up of ETD lab and Digitization of the Ph.D theses and uploading it into INFLIBNET Shodhganga is under process.
Circulation of Books
  • No. of cards issued for each UG student :2 cards
  • No. of cards issued for each PG student :4 cards
  • No. of cards issued for each Research Scholar :5 cards
  • No. of cards issued for each Teaching staff :10 cards
  • No. of cards issued for each Non-Teaching staff :2 / 6 cards
  • SC/ST Integrated Book Bank Scheme
  • 500 readers seats.
  • Reprography (photocopying) facility.
  • Reference and referral service.
  • Abstracting and Indexing services.
  • Digital Library Services available on the 2nd floor of the University Library.
  • Photo Identity Library cards issued to students, staff, and researchers.
  • One conference room with 50 seating capacity, equipped with LCD Projector, 60" X 60" motorized screen.
  • Current awareness services (CAS)
  • Selective dissemination of Information (SDI),
  • Indexing and abstracting services
  • Reference services
  • Current bibliographic data bases
  • On-line searching
  • Document copying and CD writing
Functioning of Digital Library
  • Internet facility to the students, staff, and researchers for their literature search and document retrieval
  • Access the online journals & databases On-campus and Off-campus
  • Access e-books, e-lectures, & Multimedia content
  • Access other Library Databases
  • OPAC Services
  • Plagiarism / Similarity Checking on Ouriginal Anti-Plagiarism Software
  • Uploading Ph.D. theses on Shodhganga Theses Repository
Functioning of Competitive Examinations Reference Library (CERL)
  • Providing exclusive Books & periodicals to students preparing for competitive examinations like UPSC/Civil Services/ Group I/ IES/ GATE/ CAT/GRE/ TOEFL/GMAT etc.
  • JNTUH Campus Students must show their Identity Card at the Main Entrance of the University Library. Students without Identity Card are not allowed inside the Library.
  • Outside students including Course completed students (UG/PG) of SIT, IST, SMS, and JNTUH CEH are NOT ALLOWED inside the University Library.
  • All the students should take Library membership by payment of (UG & PG Rs.500/- and Research Scholars Rs.5,000/-) as Library Security deposit (refundable). Payments should be made by Demand Draft, drawn in favour of “The University Librarian, University Library, JNTUH", Payable at Hyderabad. This library Security deposit is refundable upon completion of the student’s course at the University Library.
  • Outside books/ reading material/Mobile/Cell phones/ valuable items, etc. are NOT ALLOWED inside the University Library.
  • All the students are advised to keep their personal belongings, such as attaché cases, brief cases, satchels, bags, umbrellas, etc, books not belonging to the University Library and books though borrowed from the library but not meant to be returned to the library, shall be deposited at the Property Counter at the entrance to the library and obtain a numbered token. If the token is not returned their belongings will not be returned. It is advisable not to bring valuable things to the library and deposit them at the Property Counter.
  • The University Library does not accept any responsibility for any damage or loss of items/ valuable items ie., (Cash, Gold ornaments, Laptops, Calculator, Digital diary, Mobile phone, credit card, etc.) inside their bags kept at Property Counter or inside the University Library.
Sl.No. Name of Permanent Staff Photo
1 Dr. N. Rupsing Naik
M.A, P.G.D.C.A, M.L.I.Sc., Ph.D.
Prof. of Library & Inf. Sc. & University Librarian                                                                      Email: nunsavath2007@gmail.com / nunsavath2007@rediffmail.com
2 Smt. V. Lalitha
B.Sc., M.L.I.Sc.(Gold Medalist),(Ph.D.)
Specialisation on "IT Applications for Libraries" from NCSI, IISc Bangalore
Asst. Prof. in L.I.Sc.
Email: lalitha@jntuh.ac.in / vlalithajntuh@gmail.com   


Name of Outsourcing Staff



Smt.D.Bala Tripura Sundari Library Asst.


Smt.P.Vijayasree Library Asst.


Smt.T.Kalpana Library Asst.


Sri.Md.Khadeer Pasha

Library Asst.


Sri. B.Suresh Chandra Prakash

Library Asst.


Sri N.Chinna Obulesh

Library Asst.


Sri J.Thara Singh

Library Asst.


Sri. V.Ramesh

Computer Programmer


Sri.B.Venkata Ramana



Sri N.Harish

Record Assistant


Sri. J.Gnana Raju

Book Keeper


Sri. B.Sravan Kumar

Book Keeper


Sri. B.Venkatesh

Book Keeper


Sri. Y.Parikshith

Book Keeper


Sri P.Venkateshwar Rao

Library Attender


Sri.G.Jussain Naik

Library Attender


Sri.E.Srinivas Reddy

Library Attender



Library Attender


Sri.G.Nageshwar Rao

Library Attender



Library Attender


Sri.E.Hanama Naik

Library Attender



Library Attender



Library Attender

(University Library Subscriptions & INFLIBNET / e-ShodhSindhu: Consortium for Higher Education Electronic Resources)
(Please read before downloading full text articles)
  • It is the responsibility of individual users to ensure that the use of electronic resources does not breach the terms and conditions specified in the license agreements.
  • The University Library & the Consortium subscribes to thousands of electronic journals and bibliographic databases for use by authorized users in member institutions. The terms and conditions for using these resources are spelled out in electronic resource license agreements with each publisher. It is the responsibility of individual users to ensure that the use of electronic resources does not breach the terms and conditions specified in the license agreements. Licenses vary from publisher to publisher; however, the general principles are as follows:
Permitted Not Permitted
  • Viewing, downloading, copying, printing and saving a copy of search results
  • Viewing, downloading, copying, printing and saving individual articles
  • Using e-resources for scholarly, educational or scientific research, teaching, private study and clinical purposes
  • Sending a copy of an article to another authorized user (i.e. current faculty, students or staff)
  • Posting the URL to the publisher's version of the article on a class website (publisher links will allow only authorized users access)
  • Use of robots or intelligent agents to do systematic, bulk or automatic downloading is not permitted
  • Systematic downloading or printing of entire journal issues or volumes, or large portions of other e-resources is not permitted
  • Using e-resources for commercial gain is not permitted (i.e. reselling, redistributing or republishing licensed content)
  • Transmitting, disseminating or otherwise making online content available to unauthorized users (i.e. sending to mailing lists or electronic bulletin boards) is not permitted
  • Posting the publisher's version or PDF of an article to an open class website is not permitted (instead, post the URL to the article which will allow only authorized users access)

NOTE: Breaches of the license agreement with publishers could result in the suspension of access to the resources for the member institutions. Generic license agreements for all publishers specifying all the terms and conditions are given above.

  • Publishers track the use of their electronic resources in terms of number of downloads made by subscribing institution. Misuse, if any, is notified to the subscribing institution with details of kinds of violations and institution is expected to take action. The publisher also suspends the access to e-resource pending suitable action by subscribing institution. The access is stopped not only for journals where licence agreement was violated but for all journals by the same publisher. Moreover, the access is suspended not only for the individual violator but for the entire institution.

CLICK to Refer  Fair Use Terms & Conditions  [http://www.inflibnet.ac.in/ess/licences.php]  (e-ShodhSindhu: Consortium for Higher Education Electronic Resources)

Dr. N. Rupsing Naik,
Prof. of Library & Inf. Sc.  &
University Librarian,
University Library, JNTU Hyderabad, Kukatpally,
Hyderabad– 500 085.  Telangana State.
Phone: 040 – 23150445, 040 – 23158661 to 4
E-Mail: nunsavath2007@gmail.com
nunsavath2007@rediffmail.com, jntulibrary@gmail.com
For any book and journal suggestions / access related queries / assistance with e-resources / requisition for Remote access / Shodhganga theses upload / Anti-plagiarism related queries Contact Us through Email : jntulibrary@gmail.com / lalitha@jntuh.ac.in

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