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The Department is headed by a Professor of Physical Education supported by two Assistant Physical Directors and two Grounds men. The University is extensively promoting sports and games through its Constituent /Affiliated Colleges, Institutes, and Schools. The students are participating in various events and games inside and outside the college and are bringing laurels to our University.

The following play facilities are available in the campus for both boys and girls

  • Cricket
  • Basket Ball
  • Volley Ball
  • Throw Ball
  • Table Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Kho-Kho
  • Foot Ball
  • Caroms
  • Chess
  • Gym etc.

Toally 369 players represented university at various Inter university tournaments

Position of our teams at south zone and all India inter University tournaments held at different Universities.

  • Athletics (men)
    (Secured one silver medal)
  • Badminton (women)
    (Secured 4th place in the south zone)
  • Cricket (men)
    (Secured 4th place in the south zone
  • Boxing (women)
    Secured 3rd place in the all India

List of the players represented country and state at various levels

  • Saketh Sai Ram  represented State Ranji Cricket Team in T 20 Organized by Bcci
  • T.P.Anirudh got Selected for South India  Vizzy Trophy Cricket Tournament Team
  • R.Naresh Yadav got selected to Represent India in the Para Volley Ball Tournament held at Sri Lanka.
  • U. Raju represents State in the Para Badminton Tournament held at Bangalore.
  • Yathin redDy, T.P.Anirudh ,Yeshwanth Reddy, Rohit Reddy Represented State in under 23 Cricket Tournament Organized by BCCI
  • Rohan Yadav Represented State in under 25 Cricket Tournament Organized by BCCI

S.No. Title
1  JNTUH Archery (Men & Women), Hockey (Men), Mallakhamb (Men & Women), Tennis (Men) IUT Teams Selection 2023-2024.
2  NTUH Volleyball (Men),Kho Kho (Women), Handball (Men), Badminton (Men), Kho Kho (Men) IUT Teams Selection 2023-2024
3  JNTUH Wrestling Free Style (Men & Women), Fencing (Men & Women) IUT Teams Selection 2023-2024
4  JNTUH Power Lifting (Men & Women), Weight Lifting (Men & Women) IUT Teams Selection 2023-2024.
5  JNTUH Kabaddi (Women), Shooting (Men & Women), Basketball (Women) IUT Teams Selection 2023-2024.
6  JNTUH Volleyball (Women),Football (Men), Yoga (Men & Women), Table Tennis (Women), Boxing (Men & Women) IUT Teams Selection 2023-2024
7  JNTUH Taekwondo (Men & Women), Kabaddi (Men) IUT Teams Selection 2023-2024.
8  JNTUH Tennis (Women), Basketball (Men) IUT Teams Selection 2023-2024.
9  JNTUH Softball (Men) IUT Team Selection 2022-2023
10  JNTUH Chess (Men), Softball (Women) IUT Teams Selection 2022-2023.
11  Qwan ki do Men & Women Selection trails, JNTUH
12  JNTUH Cricket (Men) IUT Team Selection 2022-2023
13  JNTUH Cricket (Women), Cross Country (Men), Baseball (Men), Netball (Men & Women) IUT Teams Selection 2022-2023
14  JNTUH Wrestling Free Style (Men), Kho-Kho (Men), Ball Badminton (Men & Women),Karate (Men & Women) IUT Teams Selection 2022-2023.
15  JNTUH Boxing (Men & Women), Taekwondo (Men & Women), Table Tennis (Men), Athletics (Men & Women) IUT Teams Selection 2022-2023.
16  JNTUH Aquatics (Swimming) (Men & Women) IUT Teams Selection 2022_2023.
17  NTUH Chess (Women), Hockey (Men), Volleyball (Women) IUT Teams Selection 2022-2023.
18  JNTUH Fencing (Men& Women), Best Physique (Men), Judo (Men & Women), Weight Lifting & Power Lifting (Men) IUT Teams Selection 2022-2023.
19  JNTUH Tennis (Men) IUT Team Selection 2022-2023
20  JNTUH Tennis (Women), Table Tennis (Women), Badminton (Women), Badminton (Men) IUT Teams Selection 2022-2023.
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