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School of Continuing and Distance Education

JNTUH School of Continuing and Distance Education

School of Continuing and Distance Education, JNTUH proudly introduces Value added Certificate Courses of six months duration in Online mode. These courses enable the aspirants to stay abreast with the upcoming Technologies.


Course objectives:

  • Provides in depth knowledge of the understanding of the technology to meet the industry requirements & helps in staying competitive.
  • Focused on job aspirants for the enhancement of employability opportunities for Graduates and also for working professionals by providing wide range of skills to deal with complex projects that help the individuals to quickly advance in their career.
  • Certificate Courses hold wide scope and better opportunities for faculty through the improvement of their teaching skills & knowledge in the upcoming areas.
  • Online Certificate Courses gives an opportunity to the students for credits transfer as per National Education Policy (NEP-2020)

Forthcoming courses and the theory subjects related there in:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  •  Python for Data Science
  •  Machine Learning
  •  Artificial Intelligence

Industrial Safety Management

  •  Industrial Safety and Management
  •  Safety in common Industries
  •  Safety and the Law

Industrial Production techniques and Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs

  •  Industrial Techniques
  •  Modern Pharmaceutics
  •  Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs

Internet of Things

  •  Introduction to IoT, Operating Systems & Communication
  •  IoT System Architectures & Mobile Application Development For IoT
  •  Industrial IoT 5G & IoT Technologies

Ongoing courses and the theory subjects related there in:

Data science with python programing

  •  Python Programming for Data Science
  •  Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Data Science
  •  Natural Language Processing  and Big Data

Block chain technology

  • Etherum, Smart contract, Hyper ledger , Solodity programming and block chain applications

Cloud & DevOps

  •  Cloud Technology AWS & Microsoft Azure
  •  Continuous Integration/ Continuous    deployment with    Git, Jenkins and Ansible
  •  Infrastructure provisioning with Docker,  Kubernates and Terraform

Completed courses:

The following theory subjects are part of the course:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning
  • Machine Learning (Supervised & Unsupervised learning)
  • Machine Learning - Natural Language Processing    
  • Artificial Intelligence – (Deep Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks)
  • Artificial Intelligence – Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence – Time Series (RNN), Computer Vision and Model Deployment

The Virtual classes will be held during the evening hours for students & working professionals to comfortably attend the sessions.
The classes will be live interactive sessions handled by experts from reputed institutions like NIT, JNTU, IITs, HCU and Industry experts to impart theoretical knowledge along with hands on experience

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