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Finance Officer

Dr.Merugu Surender
M.Com (Costing), M.B.A (Finance),
L.L.B (Taxation), L.L.M(Human Rights),
Ph. D (Marketing and Courier science)
Finance Officer


Over a decade, Dr. Surender I served as an Accounts Officer within the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation, gradually advancing to the role of Deputy Chief Accounts Officer (SP&A, CE). In this capacity, he oversaw pivotal aspects such as formulating and executing purchase committee policies, crucial for the corporation's procurement needs ranging from chassis to rubber spares. Managing financial matters extended to overseeing pay, allowances, and resolving tax issues encompassing Income Tax, Service Tax, VAT, and Excise Duty.

Currently, as Finance officer at JNTUH, his responsibilities have expanded to include overseeing Test (Internal) Audit and Inspections across the entirety of the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation. In another realm, I let my financial acumen to the Telangana Tourism Development Corporation as its General Manager Finance for two years. During this tenure, I was entrusted with additional responsibilities, temporarily managing General Manager Administration and General Manager Legal duties.

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