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Web Information Manager :- Director Department of Information Technology, :sitinfo@jntuh.ac.in

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Officers of the University
JNTUH Prof. Katta Narasimha Reddy Prof. Katta Narasimha Reddy Vice-Chancellor 23156109 x 1112 vcjntu@jntuh.ac.in
JNTUH Dr. A Govardhan Dr. A Govardhan Rector 32422256 - pa2rector@jntuh.ac.in
JNTUH Dr. M. Manzoor Hussain Dr. M. Manzoor Hussain Registrar 32422256 - pa2registrar@jntuh.ac.in
JNTUH Dr. M. Chandra Mohan Dr. M. Chandra Mohan Director, Academic & Planning 23156115 1444 -
JNTUH Dr. K Venkateswara Rao Dr. K Venkateswara Rao Director, Evaluation 0 0 -
JNTUH Dr. Duggirala Srinivasa Rao Dr. Duggirala Srinivasa Rao Director, Academic Audit Cell 32414600 1370 directoruaacjntuh@gmail.com
JNTUH Dr. M Anji Reddy Dr. M Anji Reddy Director, Admissions 23158669 2180 admissions@jntuh.ac.in
JNTUH Dr. Ch. Sasikala Dr. Ch. Sasikala Director , University Post Graduate College of Science and Technology 23156128 3645 -
JNTUH Dr.Sindhu Dr.Sindhu Director I/c , University College of Management Hyderabad   2320 smsdir@jntuh.ac.in
JNTUH Dr. K Vijaya Kumar Reddy Dr. K Vijaya Kumar Reddy Director, Research & Development 23152331 1610 directorrnd@jntuh.ac.in
JNTUH Dr. B. Balu Naik Dr. B. Balu Naik Director, University Foreign Relations 23152329 1601 director.ufr@jntuh.ac.in
JNTUH Dr. G. Krishna Mohana Rao Dr. G. Krishna Mohana Rao Director , School of Continuing & Distance Education 23051662 1001 -
JNTUH Dr. K.M Lakshmana Rao Dr. K.M Lakshmana Rao Director, BICS 32408664 - kmlraoin@jntuh.ac.in
JNTUH Dr. G K Viswanadh Ph.D. Dr. G K Viswanadh Ph.D. Director, UGC HRDC - - gkviswanadh@jntuh.ac.in
JNTUH Dr. S Tara Kalyani Dr. S Tara Kalyani Director, University Industry Interaction Centre 23152824 2410 tarakalyani@jntuh.ac.in
JNTUH Mrs. G Vijaya Kumari Mrs. G Vijaya Kumari Director, J-Hub - - -
JNTUH Dr. Jyothula Suresh Kumar Dr. Jyothula Suresh Kumar Director , University Alumni Affairs - - -
JNTUH Dr. A. Jaya Laxmi Dr. A. Jaya Laxmi Principal
JNTUH College of Engineering,Hyderabad
23057787 4222 principal.ceh@jntuh.ac.in
JNTUH Dr. V Venkateswara Reddy Dr. V Venkateswara Reddy Principal
JNTUH College of Engineering,Jagitial
08724206600 - vvreddy1234@jntuh.ac.in
JNTUH Dr. B Vishnu Vardhan Dr. B Vishnu Vardhan Principal
JNTUH College of Engineering,Manthani
08728258457 - mailvishnu@jntuh.ac.in
JNTUH Dr. G Narsimha Dr. G Narsimha Principal I/c
JNTUH College of Engineering Sultanpur
32410622 - narsimha06@jntuh.ac.in
JNTUH Prof.Katrapally Vijaya Kumar Prof.Katrapally Vijaya Kumar Principal JNTUH College of Engg, Rajanna Sircilla 087232 93074 0 kvkphd@gmail.com
JNTUH Dr. M Ajitha Dr. M Ajitha Principal JNTUH College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sultanpur 0 0 ajitharaj@hotmail.com
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