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Mission :
The geo science and remote sensing field seeks to advance science and technology in geo science, remote sensing and related fields.
Geographic and Remote Sensing sciences is rigorous, challenging and professional while being engaging, supportive and nurturing.
To transfer Remote Sensing Technology and its application to various user agencies through Training Programmes / Pilot Projects
To provide academic support to under graduate / post-graduate programmes of the University in the discipline of Remote Sensing and GIS.
To provide extension services to the user agencies in advisory capacity or by undertaking operational projects as service provider.
To develop a data bank consisting of temporal and spatial data products.
To undertake R & D projects and organize Workshops and Seminars to promote the Remote Sensing Technology.
Leverage global knowledge networks to help India and International Community in developing human resources capable of leading creative developments by upholding intellectual traditions and human values.
Vision :
Promote excellence and professional education in the field of Remote Sensing and Geo-information Technology and related areas.
Brief description maximum 1000 words about the centre:
Geographic information systems in it’s advanced form originated in late 90's. During this time Remote sensing and GPS technology has become operational to provide basic location information required for natural resources evaluation and environmental management. During early days of the technology their use was limited to few groups. With the availability of the high resolution optical remote sensing data from Ikonos, Quickbird and IRS Satellites, Microwave satellites like Radarsat, RISAT and with Lidar Technology are new areas of Remote sensing applications have been identified. Rapid changes also observed in education as well as training particularly pertaining to the field of Remote Sensing and allied areas. Few universities are fortunate enough to have Faculty trained in the said technologies. Since then and particularly in late 2000 and early second decade of new millennium, the developments are quite amazing in the field of Spatial Information Technology (SIT). With the advent of high resolution sensors of our country, cadastral level mapping for planning and legal aspects of title which was a dream just a decade ago, is made possible. The convergence of GIS, GPS & the internet has made map making much easier, faster & efficient. Developments like web technology & open source software have made the resource availability much cheaper, for students and municipal/local authorities to access and utilize data at their desktops. In this context, necessary expertise is built in this University and is in the forefront in human resource development, research and consultancy. Another emerging state of the art technology GNSS is being taught in few selected universities only in INDIA among them this centre is one with good enough trained faculty. The Centre for Spatial Information Technology has been in the forefront of SIT education and training in Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. The M.Tech program in Remote Sensing started in 1992 has become very popular in the industry with all our students placed in different organizations in private as well as government sectors and also in abroad. Later the M.Tech Remote sensing is changed to M.Tech in Spatial Information Technology from the academic year 2000. Considering the increasing demand and enthusiasm towards this GEOSPATIAL course, this centre had started one more M.Tech programmes in GEOINFORMATICS TECHNOLOGY for full time students in the year 2002 and one part- time M.Tech course from 2003, to enhance knowledge of the employees in the latest topics. The center has identified the definite areas of Spatial Information Technology applications. These are primarily oriented towards application of Remote Sensing, Softcopy Photogrammetry, GNSS, GIS, Internet GIS and Web Technologies, etc. with special emphasis on

          1. Disaster management & Environmental Impact assessment .
          2. Bio Diversity & Coastal Zone management
          3. Geosciences, Soil mapping, Water Resources & LU/LC mapping to cadastral level .
          4. Infrastructure management & Surveys with GNSS and Total Station instruments
          5. Development of customized software and their availability in free portals on real time needs & users
The Spatial Information Technology has enormous potential for application for development from village to national level. Thus CSIT is actively involved in guiding candidates for M.S. & Ph.D. programmes. As there is a dearth of r trained human resources, the programs of CSIT / JNTUH are tuned to the requirements. The University Grants Commission is considering allotment of a special assistance program for CSIT. The center has generated funds for its own infrastructure, in the form of hardware and software. The CSIT will continue to work in the path of achieving excellence and making it a world leader, and as such there is a genuine need of manpower and space in the Centre and therefore it requires a sanction of the resources as per the practice followed in other units of the University on Priority Basis.

Areas of expertise
          1. Ground water analysis
          2. Site suitability analysis
          3. Land use/ land cover classification
          4. Spatial Analysis & Web mapping
          5. Crop area estimation & Yield prediction
          6. Vehicle tracking and GIS/GNSS applications
          7. Watershed management and Modelling
          8. Reservoir catchment area treatment methods
          9. Marine pollution and coastal zone management
          10. Utility and infrastructure management
          11. Spatial IT and its role in operationalization of e – governance

J. Venkatesh M.Tech
Head of the Department
Centre for Spatial Information Technology
Field of Specialization: 1.Remote Sensing, GPS (GNSS) and applications of these Technologies in Water Resources Engg. and for better management of natural resources
Teaching and Research/Industrial experience: 5 years Research, 8 years teaching
Publications: 2
Awards received: selected for Commonwealth Scholarship, U.K. for Ph D-2006
No. of conferences/Workshops/Trainings organized: 6
Membership of Professional Bodies: Member of Institution of Engineers, Member of ISRS (Indian Society of Remote Sensing)
No. of M. Tech guided: 40
Ongoing M.Tech projects: 06
Publications: 10
Email Id:vt_ig@jntuh.ac.in
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Kukatpally, Hyderabad - 500 085, Telangana, India
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