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Student Services

FAQs related to one-time-chance exams and Internal Improvement Exams 


  1. Online Student Services
       Transcripts, Migration, Medium (of instructions) Certificates and WES applications
  2. Pre/Post- Convocation Services
        Pre-Convocation and Post-Convocation OD Certificate
  3. In- Convocation Service
        In-Convocation OD Certificate
  4. Online Certificate Verification
        Verification of the genuineness of certificates issued by the University.It is a service for the employers/third-party verification agencies.
  5. Registration Service for Pre-PhD
        Registration of Pre-PhD Exams of PhD Research Scholars
  6. Results Publishing Portal
        Results Publication for all Examinations of all UG and PG programs
  7. Previous Question Papers
        Previous Question Papers of all UG and PG Programs including B.Tech CCC, B.Tech FDH, Pre Ph.D
  8. Syllabus and Regulations
        Syllabus copies of each Regulation of all UG and PG Programs.
Grievances Portals
  1. Student Grievance
        To Register Student Grievances of all ongoing and course completed candidates. List of categories shown in the portal
  2. Principal Grievance ->After logged in into Corresponding registrations URL, please click on Grievance =>Register Grievance
        Grievances Registration by the Principals of Respective Colleges. List of categories shown during registering of grievance
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