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Origin Of The Centre :
In the year 2005, Centre for Atmospheric sciences & Weather Modification Technologies (CAS&WMT) was established at JNTU Hyderabad, with the aid from Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, basically to monitor and evaluate Precipitation Enhancement Programme through cloud seeding. This was necessiciated as the rain shadow area of Andhra Pradesh - Rayalaseema and south Telangana districts has been experiencing droughts time and again leading to socioeconomic problems. Since then CAS&WMT has been organizing and monitoring the said programme and has archived valuable data in cloud physics. It has also established itself as one of the important centres in the field of cloud physics and weather modification. The earlier centre has been, recently, renamed as Centre for Earth, Atmosphere and Weather Modification Technologies (CEA&WMT) so as to broaden its understanding over earth system sciences.

The Centre has started M.Sc (Satellite Meteorology and Weather Informatics) Course in the year 2006 with State of the Art Technology by clubbing Science of Meteorology with Computer Science. The Centre has already started Ph.D in Earth and Atmospheric Science. The centre is also proposed to start M.Tech (Satellite Oceanography and Ocean Informatics). Many Scientists from abroad particularly from the countries like USA, Russia, South Africa and Israel have visited the centre on various occasions during International Workshops and Seminars conducted at the centre. The future programme of the centre includes starting new P.G. courses in Oceanography, Earth System Sciences with the funding of Ministry of Earth Sciences by Government of India.
Academic Programmes Of The Centre :
  • M.Sc (Satellite Meteorology & Weather Informatics)
Eligibility: Any Graduate of Science / Agriculture / Forestry / Environment

• M.Tech (Satellite Oceanography and Ocean Informatics) proposed
Eligibility: Any Graduate of Engineering or Post Graduate in Science

• Ph.D (Earth and Atmospheric Science) Eligibility: M.Sc in Meteorology, Atmospheric Science,Oceanography,Geophysics,Geochemistry,Hydrology,Physics,Geoinformation Systems,Geology,Geography,Remote Sensing,Aeronomy, Chemistry, Water Resources, Environmental Studies and Mathematics with Physics or Chemistry background.
M.Tech in Aero Space Engineering, GeoEnvironmental Engineering, Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, Water Resources Engineering Chemical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Water and Environmental Technology, Electronic and Communications, Water Resources, Geoinformatics, Environmental Studies
Novelty Of Academic Programmes :
Seminars and Group discussions by students
Visites to IMD, INCOIS and NRSC
Training on Satellite Meteorology, Remote Sensing, GIS and its Applications with web based training
Class Rooms with LCD Projectors & Internet Facility
Faculty Of The Centre :

1. Dr. Giridhar M.V.S.S, (B.Tech, M.Tech, M.B.A., Ph.D)
Professor & Coordinator

2. Dr. M. Subbarao, (M.Sc., Ph.D)
Academic Advisor

Research And Development Activities :

CEA&WMT has completed following R & D Projects:

S. No Project Title Funding Agency Duration Amount (Rs in Lakhs) Status
1 Indira Meghamadhanamu
(Cloud Seeding) Programme
Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
2009-2010 68.00 Completed
2 Indira Meghamadhanamu
(Cloud Seeding) Programme
Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
2008-2009 47.83 Completed
3 Indira Meghamadhanamu
(Cloud Seeding) Programme
Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
2007-2008 53.80 Completed
4 Survey of Jurala Project APGENCO
Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
2006-2008 03.45 Completed
5 Studies on Development of Appropriate Strategies for Adoption of Climate for Sustainable Development NCRI
Govt. of India
2006-2008 27.00 Completed
6 Indira Meghamadhanamu
(Cloud Seeding) Programme
Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
2006-2007 33.99 Completed
7 Indira Meghamadhanamu
(Cloud Seeding) Programme
Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
2005-2006 24.0 Completed
Proposal are submitted to Government of Andhra Pradesh for funding the monitoring of Indira Meghamadhanamu Project for further period of five years (2009-2013).
National And International Conferences, Workshops And Seminars Conducted :
  International Workshops

1. International Workshop on Weather Modification and Cloud Seeding 
   Technologies for Rainfall Enhancement during 27-28 January 2005.

2. International Workshop on Weather Modification Technologies during 18-20 
  January 2007.

3. International Workshop on Weather Modification Technologies & Symposium 
  on Natural Disaster Management during 27-29 June 2008.

4. International Workshop and Brainstorming Session on Evaluation of Cloud  
   Seeding Operations in Andhra Pradesh 2004 - 2008 during 15-17 December  

5. Conducted a session on Cloud Aerosol interaction and weather modification
   experiment in Asia and Oceania at 7th Annual meeting of AOGS during
   5-9 July 2010 at Hyderabad.

  National Workshops

1. National Workshop on Indian Heritage in Metallurgy and Meteorology, 29th
   December 2007.

2. National Workshop on Weather Modification Technologies on 5th December

3.All party Raithu Sangam seminar on Indira Maghamadhanamu, 17th June

4. One day workshop on Open Source satellite data and analysis of Ocean and
   Atmosphere, 7th April 2011.

5. One day Programme on Earth day celebrations, 23rd April 2011.

University Industry Interaction :
The CEA & WMT has acquired the state of the art monitoring mechanism for weather modification and related activities such as Developing flares & Aerosol mapping in association with Indian Industries.

It has MOU with Agni Aviation for developing and monitoring new technologies in weather modification.

Several Foreign scientists in the weather modification from USA, Russia, South Africa, Israel have visited the centre on various occasions.

The centre is active in collaborating with IITM to participate in a national programme namely "Cloud Aerosol Interaction and Precipitation Enhancement Experiment "(CAIPEEX). More than twenty organizations throughout the country are participating in this programme.

The centre is maintaining a unique website (www. Ceawmt.edu) with an access to precious day to day cloud seeding radar images apart from representative rainfalls in map format for entire Andhra Pradesh. This is the only website providing such data.
Laboratory Facilities :
Meteorological Observatory
Meteorological Observatory is established in the JNTUH premises. The weather observations recorded are wind speed, wind directions (cup anemometer & wind wane), dry bulb, wet bulb, maximum and minimum temperatures (Thermometers), Rainfall (Rain gauge) and Evaporation (Pan Evaporometer).

Weather Analysis Laboratory
-The existing meteorological lab facilities are used for plotting & analysis of weather charts. -The students are provided with PCs and internet to browse various national and international weather sites to know the day to day weather and to acquaint themselves with the latest developments in weather and climate studies. -The students are also availing the observatory and forecasting facilities of IMD Hyderabad for their better understanding of the subject.

Geoinformatics Laboratory
In Geoinformatics Laboratory, students are trained in interpretation of the Ocean & Atmospheric parameters like Sea Surface Temperatures (SSTs), Sea Surface Heights (SSH), Sea Surface Currents, Mixed Layer Depth (MLD), Chlorophyll, Clouds, Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD), Temperature and Salinity profiles from ARGO floats.

     -Total No. Of Systems: 25 with 1GB RAM & 300 GB Hard Disk

     -Operating System: Windows Xp, Windows 7 & Ubuntu - Linux

     -Microprocessor: Intel Core 2 Duo

     -Proprietary Geospatial Software's: ERDAS 9.1, ArcGIS 9.3

     -Open Source Geospatial Software's: ILWIS 3.6, OpenJUMP 1.3, MapWindow

     GIS -Ocean Data Processing: Ferret, Ocean data view (ODV), SeaWiFS Data Analysis System (SeaDAS).

     -Programming in C & C++

     -Topographic Contour Analysis & Orographic Effect Studies

     -Spatial Distribution of Rainfalls & Corresponding Vegetation Index Variation Studies

     Radar Lab
     -Identification of clouds and their behaviour before and after seeding by using radar.

     -Determining Cloud Volume, DBZ, height, Top, Base etc., by using radars.

     Atmospheric Chemistry Lab
     Well equipped Laboratory to do chemical analysis of rain water samples which were sent by CPO's of the RSAD districts

     Lab consists of
     - Flame Photometer
     - Ion selective meter
     - UV visible Spectrophotometer meter
     - Conductivity meter etc
Current Interest Of Research :
Atmospheric Science and Technology: Aerosol - Cloud Interactions: Precipitation Processes, Studies on Atmospheric Boundary Layer, Studies on Clouds over Continental Tropical Convergence Zone: Formation, Life cycle, Dissipation, Changing Trends in the Extreme weather Events. Weather Modification Technology: Rainfall Enhancement, Hail Suppression, Fog Dispersal Micro Climate Modification.

Ocean Science and Technology: Ocean Color Applications, Sea Surface Height Variations, Air - Sea Interactions, Monosoon Dynamics: Sea Surface Temperature, Wind, Water Vapor, And Liquid Water Content.

Earth System Science and Technology: Carbon Sequestration and Deposition in Fossil Fuel Reservoris, Geo-Exploration of Hydrocarbons & Minerals, Plate Tectonics and Earth Quakes.
Future Programmes :
     -To develop the centre into a major Earth & Atmosphere Science institute in the Country.

     -To start PG Cources in Oceanography and Earth System Science.

     -Trying to establish Ocean & Atmospheric Science and Technology Cell (OASTC) under the aegis of Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India.

     -Trying to have MOU with various National & International organisations like IMD, INCOIS, NRSC & WMO.
Placements :
     -Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)

     -Indian Meteorological Department (IMD)

     -National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC)

     -Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS)

     -National Institute of Oceanography (NIO)

     -Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM)

     -Air Force Academy (As met Officers)

     -Agriculture Research Institutes and Universities (As Agriculture Meteorologist)

Contact :
Professor of Water Resources & Coordinator
Academic AdvisorMob: 9885309811

Centre For Atmospheric Sciences & Weather Modification Technologies (Cas&Wmt)
ECE Building, 3rd Floor, JNTUH, Kukatpally Hyderabad – 85
Phone: 91-040-23053105, Fax: 91-040-23053105
Email:coordinatorcaswmt@gmail.com, website:www.ceawmt.in
For Admissions Notifications, Visit: www.jntu.ac.in

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