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PG Programs

S.No Programme Name
1 M. Tech. (Dual Integrated Course in Civil Engineering)
2 M. Tech. (Dual Integrated Course in  Electrical And Electronics Engineering)
3 M. Tech. (Dual Integrated Course in Mechanical Engineering)
4 M. Tech. (Dual Integrated Course in Electronics and Communication Engineering)
5 M. Tech. (Dual Integrated Course in Computer Science and Engineering)
6 M. Tech. (Structural Engineering)
7 M. Tech. (Transportation Engineering)
8 M. Tech. (Geo Tech Engineering)
9 M. Tech. (Power Electronics)
10 M. Tech. (Electrical Power Engineering)
11 M. Tech. (Advanced Manufacturing System)
12 M. Tech. (Thermal Engineering)
13 M. Tech. (Engineering Design)
14 M. Tech. (Energy Systems)
15 M. Tech. (Digital Systems and Computer Electronics)
16 M. Tech. (Systems and Signal Processing)
17 M. Tech. (Embedded Systems)
18 M. Tech. (Computer Science)
19 M. Tech. (Cyber Forensics and Information Security)
20 M. Tech. (Mechatronics)
21 M. Tech. (Metallurgy)
22 MCA - Computer Science And Engineering
23 M. Sc. (Chemistry Drugs and Pharma)
24 M. Sc.(Mathematics Applied Mathematics)
25 M. Sc. (Physics)
26 M. Tech. (Biotechnology)
27 M. Tech. (Chemical Technology)
28 M. Tech. (Environmental Management)
29 M. Tech. (Environmental Geomatics)
30 M. Tech. (Nanotechnology)
31 M. Tech. (Spatial Information Technology)
32 M. Tech. (Water and Environmental Technology)
33 M. Pharm.(Pharmaceutical Analysis)
34 M. Pharm. (Pharmaceutics)
35 M. Pharm. (Pharmacognocy)
36 M. Pharm. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
37 M. Sc. (Organic Chemistry)
38 M. Sc. (Analytical Chemistry)
39 M. Sc. (Biotechnology)
40 M. Sc. (Microbiology)
41 M. Tech. (Computer Science)
42 M. Tech. (Software Engineering)
43 M. Tech. (Computer Networks and Information Security)
44 M. Tech. (Data Science)
45 MCA – Department of Information Technology
46 MBA
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