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Digitization/ Automation

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad is being the largest affiliating universities in the state of Telangana, the quality of education in the colleges affiliated to JNTUH, thus reflect the quality of engineers from the state. The Academic Audit Cell is primarily to monitor and regulate all the activities of the affiliated colleges including affiliation process.

Affiliation Procedure to Process to Grant Affiliation 1) Issue of Notification for online application 2)Filing of online applicationĀ  3) Schedule of Inspections to colleges 4)Evaluation of FFC Reports 5) Generation of Deficiency ReportsĀ  6)Appeal by colleges 7)Generation of final affiliation letters

The automation of Affiliation Process brings Transparency, ease and makes the process fast.

The Automation of Affiliation Process involves

  • Online registration of the faculty (Using PAN Service avoid duplication of faculty / fake faculty)
  • Aadhar Based Attendance System using Aadhar Service Gives daily attendance of the faculty, ensures the presence of the faculty in the college and intern ensures 100 % class work
  • Automation in Selection Process enforces correct qualification of the faculty and makes the selection process fast.
  • Online upload of College information helps in digitalization avoid redundancy and makes the process fast.
  • Online payment through payment gateway
  • Automation in inspection Report generation from the college uploaded data
  • Automation in Deficiency Report Generation
  • Automation in Appeal
  • Automation in generation of Affiliation Report
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